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New Book: “Building Brand with Direct Response Television”

Posted by Doug Garnett November - 14 - 2011 - Monday

With the October edition of Response Magazine, we have released my book “Building Brand with Direct Response Television“. This book takes an unusual look at DRTV – focusing on it’s biggest potential power: building brands while driving immediate sales (at retail as well as direct).

This book is the result of the past decade when I’ve written extensively about direct response television (DRTV) and it pulls together a comprehensive view of how DRTV can build brand, drive retail, and, in the process, dramatically change the marketing game.

Underlying the writing are the “Six Degree’s of DRTV” developed at my agency to focus on getting far more impact from DRTV campaigns than either yell & sell or soft brand DRTV delivers.

Starting with the fundamental value & continuing strength of TV, the book progresses through critical topics including campaign strategy, creative, and campaign execution. There is a special chapter devoted to the common retail problem we call the Shelf Potato and which I write about in my other blog (link here).

To find out more about the book and for links to the order page on Amazon visit this link.

Enjoy the read.

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Doug Garnett, DRTV and Technology Industry Expert

Doug Garnett is founder and CEO of DRTV agency Atomic Direct and a leading expert on innovative uses of DRTV, infomercials and other in-depth TV and non-TV messages to build brand and drive sales.

Doug has been working in and around the technology field for 27 years. After starting in aerospace, he spent 5 years selling and marketing supercomputers. Since shifting to advertising, his clients have included AT&T, IBM, Apple, Disney Mobile, Ugobe, Presto, and Netpliance.

Doug sits on the editorial board of Response Magazine, is an adjunct professor of general advertising at Portland State University, and is a member of the Jordan-Whitney Greensheet Panel.

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